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Solutions for the chemical industry

Chemical and petrochemical companies form the foundation of the manufacturing industry and are affiliated with the most important sectors across the globe. They play a central role when it comes to the sustainable development of our society. Without chemistry there would be no solutions for the major challenges of our time. Transport and traffic, climate change, environmental protection and health care are just a few examples.

Production plant performance depends not only on the size of the plant but also on factors such as availability, reliability, product quality and yield. Other important aspects include minimal energy consumption and material use, the reduction of waste and concomitant substances and the lowering of the cost of ownership. Quick and simple start-up and shut down as well as partial load operation are also in demand. And this is often required under extreme environmental conditions, the likes of which are rarely seen in other industries. What is required here is superior and precise measuring and control technology, which in turn is based on innovative measuring and analysis methods.

As the main instrumentation vendor, KROHNE offers its customers a wide range of products with virtually every technologically significant measuring process, specifically designed for use in the chemical and petrochemical industry.