Flow Computers – Summit 8800 Flow Computer

SUMMIT 8800: Touch-screen graphic flow computer

Experience the new generation of flow computers. With all the features your users demand: 

  • Enhanced diagnostics
    The key element for all integrators, and end-users – reducing maintenanceand maintaining uptime; based on complete logging with built-in back-up

  • Multi medium applications
    No limits - from crude to refined, from process water to gas, from steam to condensate

  • Vendor-independent instrumentation
    Use with any meters (not only KROHNE); choose any units (metric, US or all atonce) all on one firmware

  • Modbus mapping & system compatibility
    Easily interfaces with other systems – DCSs, PLCs, Supervisories, SCADA, HMi

  • Advance network integration
    eReporting push, web interfacing, remote monitoring


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Digital Flow Computer with touch/screen graphic display

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  • Lower OPEX and CAPEX due to modern design and communication
  • Low inventory cost with one computer fits all due to modularity of hard and software
  • More effective maintenance and operator due to colour graphics touch screen
  • Minimize service cost and automatic remote metering with unsurpassed network support
  • Increased accuracy and reduce recalibrations with automatic performance monitoring

In 1982 we were one of the first companies to produce a micro-Processor-based flow computer. We have seen the technology become established, but there has been little change to the initial concepts.

Introducing Summit 8800:

  • The flow computer with dramatically increase performance, that saves time, is  more cost effective and has the best possible accuracy!
  • Summit 8800 bring the flow computer into the communication age.


  • Scroll & Click menu navigation
  • Touch Screen operation
  • Multicolour traffic-light guidance


  • Fully redundant Ethernet WAN Wide Area Network and Local Area Network capabilities


  • Dedicated processor per I/O board


  • Multi-level access and authorization levels
  • Full audit trail with personal I.D.
  • Separation of fiscal and maintenance data


  • 4GB removable memory
  • Plug-in boards for more streams, analysers, or communications


  • Fully digital, highly accurate analysis
  • Fast processing with true 1/4 sec.

Wide use:

  • Any metering type Oil; Gas; Steam; Water