KROHNE Oil & Gas offers a dedicated training program for clients' personnel responsible for operating and maintaining the systems. We have extensive experience of international training of multidisciplinary personnel in the necessary skills required on a broad range of installations.

To ensure the maximum efficiency in the transfer of information during training courses we recommend limiting the number of participants on each course. Our experience shows that a maximum of 5 trainees should attend each course. This also assumes that the trainees have general knowledge of the installed system. If this is not the case the size of the group should be reviewed in individual circumstances or multiple sessions have to be given to accommodate the number of personnel required. All training courses are offered in English, German and Dutch.

Each training session is tailored to each system separately. The training is based on standard topics, such as hardware components and dedicated information on the software of the system installed on-site. KROHNE Oil & Gas can offer various kinds of training programmes, such as:

Operator training

It is the intention of this training to make the operators familiar with the configuration, provide a brief overview of all equipment that is installed and detail all system alarms that can be generated by the system. We suggest having the operator training to be performed at site to enable hands-on instruction.

Maintenance training

Although the set-up for the training is flexible to allow for specific requirements, it is normal that the first part is spent on theoretical training. This shall be used to explain how the operations and maintenance manuals should be utilised and to clarify the operating philosophy of the delivered system. This session shall also encompass the methods for fault finding in the system and the principles for making modifications, such as those, which may be required in application software, when operational adjustments are requested.

Engineering training

In the engineering course a brief overview of the system(s), both hardware and software, will be given. The accent, however, will be on the system application and system configuration.