Pharmaceutical Industry – Reliable measuring technology for delicate products

Solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

No other industry relies so heavily on sophisticated and accurate measuring technology as the pharmaceuticals industry. KROHNE offers a number of devices possessing the required certifications. KROHNE variable area flowmeters are now an integral part of ultrapure water plants. And where it is not possible to use electromagnetic or ultrasonic flowmeters, the OPTIMASS family offers a reliable alternative for the determination of the mass flow of VE or demineralised water in ring lines or during dosing in reactors.

The OPTIWAVE BM and LS device series offer a variety of hygienic antenna types for both contact and non-contact level measurement in containers. With the OPTITEMP series of temperature sensors and transmitters, the KROHNE range features both analogue and digital in-head and DIN rail transmitters for the pharmaceutical sector. Hygienic connections and conformity to the stringent FDA regulations are a given.