Customised Service Levels:

Every client is unique!

Since every client and system has its unique needs, wishes and inquires we adapt our Service Value Program to your special needs. Some of our concrete Customised Service Levels (CSL) are:

Initial Survey

To assess the technical health of a system we execute an initial survey. As a result of this check up, a report will be issued reflecting outstanding actions to be performed to bring up the system to a predefined health level. Prepaid Hours Pre-paid hours are hours for service engineers, being paid annually in advance, for support servicesfrom KROHNE Oil & Gas. The advantage of this CSL is the reduced rate and guaranteed knowledge of your system.

Remote Diagnostics & Support

With a remote link it is possible for the Imtech engineer to obtain information directly from the system. It speeds up the diagnostics and may prevent a site visit. Data can also be logged via our Imtech Systems Service Automation (ISSA). Via trending etc. we can advise you how to improve system performance. Preventive Maintenance Preventative maintenance consists of a range of activities that will be executed as standard procedure during regular visits. These activities will be agreed mutually upfront.

Support Availability & Response

Several Availability & Support levels are possible, depending on clients needs. Basically they comprise of the period of acceptance of clients call (from 8 to 24 hours a day) and the period between acceptance of the call and the actual response.


KROHNE Oil & Gas offers a dedicated training program for clients personnel responsible for operating and maintaining the system. The training will be prepared for each system separately. We basically distinguish

  • Operator Training,
  • Maintenance Training and
  • Engineering Training,


Functional Excellence & Efficiency Enhancement

By collecting as much information about the performance of the system and by analysing the circumstances in which they are used, we learn where there are changes of improvement and saving costs on clients systems.




Service Value Program:

We value your system!


In cooperation with our clients we create the circumstances in which people and systems can accelerate. Of course, we are a technology-originated organization and we focus on the technical aspects of those circumstances. Metering systems, Analyser systems, and Validation systems.


How does the Service Value Program work?

Outsourcing of maintenance on systems and installations is a big step. A step that you don?t take overnight. You want to know exactly what you can expect from a supplier and demand to know what (financial) advantages such a cooperation provides. Within our Service Value Program we usually take the following steps with our clients:


1 Quick Scan
Getting to know each other! To optimise the condition and performance of the system, we first have to get familiar with it.


2 Risk Analyses
Find out in what shape you?re in! To make a sound plan, we analyse the ?technical status quo?.


3 Strategic Management
A step-by-step plan! Once we are satisfactory familiar with the organisation, systems, installations and expectations of the future, we produce in cooperation our client a roadmap with clearly defined goals.


4 Implementation
All focus on your core business! First we bring the related systems systematically in good condition and according to all pre-set specifications. Subsequently all technical systems will be monitored, e.g. by connecting them to our IS Service Automation (ISSA) concept.


5 Future Needs
Mapping the road ahead! We at KROHNE Oil & Gas keep up with all new technical developments. We keep up with trends and movements in the Oil & Gas industry, trends in macro environment. With this information we help our clients to anticipate on future changes and bind them for intervening adjustments.


6 Monitoring Control by anticipation!
By collecting as much information about the performance of the system and by analysing the circumstances in which they are used, we learn where there are changes of improvement and saving costs.


Where do I start?

The above program outlines the major phases every client will go through when searching for increasing profitability.

Our consultant can help on choosing a methodology, based on your environment.